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In Your Home Senior Massage grew out of Mary Duval's (LMT, MTI) outcall massage business in Sun City in Georgetown, TX. She had the opportunity to take over an existing business from another therapist who was leaving the area. A ready-made business was certainly a draw to this business, but once she started working with the mature adults in Sun City, she realized she had found a wonderful opportunity, not just in business, but in meeting wonderful people.


Many of Mary's clients were pretty healthy and active, but as she became more established, she started coming across more mature adults who were moving more into the elderly and geriatric stages of life. She realized these clients could benefit just as much from her work tailored to their health and needs as her more active clients. The world of who she could help just grew and expanded.


Then, she realized, there were a LOT more mature adults who could use the help of a good massage therapist. She had heard some stories from other seniors who had gone to therapists who hurt them and did not listen to their needs. It was time to take what she had learned (and was still learning every day) and apply it to a larger client base.


So, she decided to start In Your Home Senior Massage. She looked for just the right therapists who would not only be reliable and dependable, but who would also listen to and work within the needs of his or her mature adult client.


In Your Home Senior Massage operates with mature adults in mind. Our job is to make our clients happy and feel better. If they're happy, we're happy!


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